But that's all about to change...

When the time is right, we will be re-opening. A little differently than we have in the past. A little better, actually. Now you will be able to reserve your own time to visit the shop in person, or with one of us from the comfort of your own home.

Visit Our Shop

By limiting the shop to just four visitors an hour we will be able to ensure safe social distancing and also the greatest personal experience for all of you. We can leave you unbothered or give you a full tour of the store and all of its artwork. Whatever you prefer. Our space is your oyster. 

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Couch Shop

Schedule a one on one virtual shopping appointment with us. Where we will walk you through the shop on a video call and help you choose the perfect handbag or pair of shoes. Unsure about your size, or even some styling choices? This is a great opportunity to get all of those questions answered.  

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