Be a Part of the Something Special Family

Our Gift Something Special subscription membership package is a unique way to gift someone special with a surprise every month for 3 months.

Each month, the recipient of your love will receive their surprise Something Special in the mail as a gift from you to them, made with love by our artisan community.

It's a perfect gift for Mother's Day or Father's Day as you look for something unique and meaningful to gift to your Someone Special.

*Photo is not representative of current Something Special item, those are always a surprise.

Give as a gift

Here’s How the Gift Something Special Subscription Works

By signing up, your someone special will automatically receive, well, something special delivered right to their door each month for 3 months. From our global community. To your loved one.

Special things—like our favorite ceramic vase handcrafted by our artisans in Mexico or an intoxicating hand-poured candle from our New York studio. Each month brings a new surprise.

For more information on the Gift Something Special billing & shipping cycle, visit our Customer Care page.

What this means: 

We're bringing our philosophy of highly curated, artisanal craftsmanship to home goods, and by subscribing, you can make sure you get each new batch.


Photo is not representative of the current Something Special item. Those are always a surprise.