Brother Vellies is committed to honoring the people who make our products and the places where they are made. Because of this, we treat each step of our process with the utmost care for our artisans, our customers, and our planet. At our core, you will find vegetable-tanned leathers, soling from recycled tires, hand carved wood, floral dyed feathers along with a collection of other by-product materials sourced from farmers across the globe. We strive to lessen the impact of our production practices by continuing to ask questions and make changes each season. We put a lot of thought into what we make for you and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Brother Vellies collection is produced across the globe - South Africa, Kenya, Mexico Morocco, Ethiopia, Burkina Faso, Italy, Haiti and at home in New York City.

We do not put our products on sale. Their value is assigned based on materials and fair labor practices, which are unaffected by the traditional commercial consumption cycle.

We love you.