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Lately, here at Brother Vellies, we have really loved making special things for you. New things. In little batches. Each one made with love to bring a little comfort and beauty into your lives during this difficult time in our world.

First came our beloved Oaxacan mugs to slow-stir your coffee in the morning. Then the cozy cloud socks we’ve been working from home in. Each time, we sold out faster than we could restock because, honestly, we had no idea our community would find as much joy in these special little things as we do.

But you told us. And we listened.

Now, to ensure every one of you receive each new creation right on time, we are rolling out SOMETHING SPECIAL just for you.

— Are you in?

Something Special March (Monthly)


Here’s how it works

While we’re all getting through this together, we are inviting you to join a new program we’re calling 'SOMETHING SPECIAL.’

Join the family:

By signing up, you will automatically receive, well, something special delivered right to your door after the 15th of each month. From our global community. To you.


Once we know you’re onboard, every month we will make you a sustainably and ethically made comfort item, each a bit different than the next, and designed with love. Special things—like our favorite ceramic vase handcrafted by our artisans in Mexico or an intoxicating hand-poured candle from our New York studio. Each month brings a new surprise. 

What this means:

You’ll never have to wait for your SOMETHING SPECIAL again. Which is important to us, because you’ve been there for us and continue to be. And we wouldn’t be here without you.