Spring 2022

This collection was conceived during a very confusing period in my life, in all of our lives really. Finally stepping out of home, or still stuck at home. With much conversation over the past year on closed borders, immigration and racial justice, complicated questions have arisen around what it means to be away from home. For some of us that might have been relevant solely during the pandemic, perhaps others have never had the means to venture home. Maybe home had to be found in a genre of music. Or the passing eyes of a stranger on the street. The honking streets of New York City. Home is a complicated proposition. Whether you are there, away from there, or have never been there. The journey in many ways seems to center it. When the hustle and bustle of the day draws down we all have that collective yearning. We all want to be somewhere, that place. At the end of the day maybe life really is just the pursuit of walking each other home.