Colombian Cooking Comal

First introduced as part of our March Something Special gift, the traditional Colombian comal is made special for your casita.  Handmade in a small village in the Andes where the intensive manufacturing process is passed down from mother to daughter over generations.

Comals are rooted in traditional Central & South American cooking and can be traced back over 700 years. Created from Andean black clay, each piece is molded, trimmed and smoothed by hand, coated in a fine terracotta glaze, and then is left to dry in the sun. Use this special pan in your own kitchen to sear meats, to toast spices, nuts, and chiles for salsas, or to cook quesadillas, arepas, and tortillas.

Each Something Special Comal is supporting the economy of 300 families of artisans in the Andes region in Colombia.

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